School Day

School starts at 7am, which means everyone is awake at least by 6:30. Most mornings I wake up to what smells of campfire, but it is the burning of trash. Everyone in the neighborhood burns their trash, at different times of day, but the smell is more prevalent in the mornings. This is at the... Continue Reading →

A Little More Set Up

Victor and Christina live in the city of Nampula. Nampula is in the the north eastern part of Mozambique. It's the the third biggest city in the country, and it's relatively diverse. Mozambique as a country drives on the left, which is already a little disorienting. But being in a car is little like you're... Continue Reading →

Upon Arrival

View from the plane The Nampula airport is the smallest airport I've been to in a couple of weeks. The  baggage carousel, the immigration officers stamping passports, security screening, and a customs office are all within 20 feet of each other. And for such a tiny airport, I arrived with maybe 20 other people, in... Continue Reading →

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