All the things not mentioned. In list form.

Venice at dusk.

I went to Venice before it flooded. The city and the food are like no other. I also was there during the Biennial, which is a world famous art show that happens every two years.

In 2017 there was an attempt for Catalonia to separate from the rest of Spain. It did not pass. A judge sentenced the 12 separatist leaders to jail sentences in mid-October. The week I decided to go to Barcelona, there were massive protests in the streets. I only encountered peaceful gatherings, but there was definitely evidence of vandalism and burning of trash containers too. What’s the purpose of burning a trash can, I don’t know?

I never went to the Coliseum. I figure it’s been there this long, I’ll be able to see it one day.

Vienna is the Seattle of Europe

Number of Flights taken – 17

Number of riotous plane rides- 1
Coming back from Barcelona to Florence, while boarding the plane, there was a man that got into verbally with a flight attendant. Security was called, and the man refused to get off the plane. Bigger security dudes were called, and the man still refused to budge. One of the big security guys said something to the effect that everyone would have to get off. The plane erupted! Different people got up to yell at the man. A younger guy got up out of his seat to go after him, and was pushed back by security. In the end nothing happened, they let him fly. The whole time I felt like I was in some sort of Spanish/Italian comedy. It was nuts.

Number of flights of people clapping landing in Italy-1

Number of yoga classes taken- 3 
One class in Milan, a class in Barcelona, and a class in Florence.
Yoga and Brunch in Barcelona

Number of glasses of wine, scoops of gelato, cups of coffee– countless

Conversations about Trump, with people from other countries– Multiple. I can’t really remember them all, but it’s why I always introduce myself as a Californian or from Los Angeles.

Californians met-4

Things lost while traveling
Hairbrush ( I don’t know how)
Bus tickets, while on the bus.
My Kindle. I left on the plane going from Lisbon to San Francisco.

Things thrown away-  
Worn out Target sandals, that I bought last Summer. The fact that they made it through two summers is amazing.
A jacket where the outside lining was coming off. It was one of those moments, where I was like 'How long have I been wearing this in public?'
'A Little Life.' I got half way through and got to a point where I couldn't read another depressing thing. But beautiful writing, I couldn't do it anymore.

Books finished– 3

Books abandoned-2

One was the most boring date of my life. He didn’t read, and then I stopped listening or caring.

There are probably hundreds of things I haven’t written about, but this is a pretty good list. And now that I’m home I feel like it’s time to dive into figuring out what to do.

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