A Little More Set Up

Victor and Christina live in the city of Nampula. Nampula is in the the north eastern part of Mozambique. It’s the the third biggest city in the country, and it’s relatively diverse.

Mozambique as a country drives on the left, which is already a little disorienting. But being in a car is little like you’re in a driving video game. People pull over but only half way to stop and if you end behind them, you go around them.  Stop lights seem to be an optional suggestion, sometimes people stop and sometimes they keep going. Shappa’s, are the most ubiquitous car on the street. Shappa’s are 9 seater Toyota vans that are a cross between a taxi and a bus.

But the smell of exhaust fumes from all the cars and trucks are overwhelming. It’s what I imagine our own government would like our streets to be like in the US. Too dark? People are standing or sitting on top of trucks. And most trucks, if they are hauling something, it’s to the point of overflow.

This guy is sitting on bags of charcoal.

There are posters for an upcoming election, of the ruling party candidate, excessively posted everywhere. Can you imagine if any of the current U.S. candidates running for president posted a picture of themselves like this?

This photo’s from the car, it is a small snapshot of the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Aside from the chaos of traffic there are people walking around all over and selling whatever you can think of on the street. I was warned that someone going by on a motorcycle could grab my phone, so I don’t have a ton of photo’s of the city.

These is from the entrance, looking at the school buildings.

The property of Evanjafrica, which is the organization started by Victor,  would best be described as a compound. The school and the orphanage are on the same property as Victor and Christina house. Along with some other houses, and offices and a meeting space that is used as a make shift auditorium for the school and a space for church. There are  always people working on the property, upkeep in buildings, planting of plants, and there is the construction of new buildings.

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