Let’s talk about donuts. I mean photos

One of the English teachers approached me, through Christina, and asked if I could come and sit in on his class, the following day. From what he said, he made it sound like he wanted me to come talk to his class for a few minutes and show them photos about my life.

It would have been easier to put together a slide show of donuts from various places in L.A.

While I have many photos of places I’ve traveled, screen shots of recipes, and places all over California, I couldn’t show you a photo of any home I’ve lived in the past five years. I had a photo of my mom’s house, the house I grew up in. But the only photo I had was photo with a Union Jack flag hanging, in celebration of the last Royal Wedding. I did not choose this photo, mostly because having to explain it would be too confusing. 

And then I thought ‘Facebook.’  The best times for wifi connection is early in the morning and late at night. During the day it’s a continuous loading circle. What should have been an easy task turned into consuming my whole morning with walking around with my laptop trying to connect to wifi, so I could find a picture of my Grandma. In the end I had 6 photos two separate ones of my moms pets.

When I arrived at the English class, and I’m fully prepared for the shortest show and tell presentation, with the most random photos. The teacher sets up a chair in the back and wants me to  sit and observe his teaching of English and take down any notes. The whole time I kept thinking “He knows I’m not a teacher, right?” And I kept waiting for him to bring me up to talk to the class but it doesn’t happen.

In the end it was a funny experience of struggling with the internet and my dependence on something that is in no way needed for survival in life but something I depend on daily. And then I was thinking about how bad I am at taking photos of regular every day things. Unless it’s a fried piece of dough, that I seem to have covered.

So today take a photo of your home. Take a photo of someone you love, of someone you see every day, something you do every day. It doesn’t need to be social media worthy, although you can show me if you want.

And if you’re eating a donut, take a photo of the donut.

Italian donut.

Always take photos of donuts.

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