But First…

Before I explain what I’ve been doing since I’ve been in Mozambique let me explain why I wanted to come here.

I have known Christina since I was born. My parents and her parents have been long-time friends since high school. My siblings and I stagger between Christina and her siblings, which is like having another set of cousins. they are friends who are like family.

This is us as kids.
My brother Matt, me, Christina, my sister Carrie, and Christina’s siblings Ann, and Peter.
Also look at Peter’s face.

Then Christina met Victor.

Christina met Victor, through some friends, at her parents home in Seattle. Victor was traveling in the US, but his home was in Mozambique. Victor started and ran an orphanage. I was not there when they met, so I can only relay second-hand information, but they hit it off. The whole night people had thought they already knew each other.  From there they emailed back and forth. Which turned into long Skype calls and then Christina traveling to Mozambique to see if she could live here. They got married and now have three kids, and live in Nampula, Mozambique. This is the super simple version of their story, because no one’s story is simple.  

This is Christina and Victor.

So Victor and Christina have been running the orphanage and just this past February have started a school as well. An elementary school 1st-6th  grade.

I’ve wanted to come to Mozambique since Victor and Christina got married, here 11 years ago. When I graduated from college my plan was to go to Italy and then Mozambique or vice versa, there was no correct order. And now I’m doing it, I’m a little behind schedule, but what is time?

Things to know about Mozambique

Mozambique was colonized by the Portuguese, and was the last country in Africa to achieve independence from their colonizing country in 1975.

Mozambique is one of the countries directly north of South Africa. It is twice the size of California, for a little perspective. And has 1,535 miles of coastline.

I am in Nampula, which is in the north, and the third biggest city.

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