The trip to Naples was worth if for Pompeii alone. Pompeii is an ancient Roman city, that was buried by volcanic ash due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. There’s a couple of different train lines to get there, which were super confusing, and I definitely  got on a wrong train, at one point.  I almost gave up, and then realized that I was being ridiculous and persevered. I arrived at Pompeii later than I would have liked, but I made it.

Pompeii is massive, with people everywhere, but then you can turn down a corridor and be in a whole area where you’re the only one around. I rented an audio guide, because I wanted to know what I was looking at, because without it there isn’t a lot of explanation.

I found myself watching people who would walk into a space with a GoPro and film everything around, and then leave,. I know this is not  surprising behavior, and wanting  to document places we’ve been and what we’re experiencing  is fine. It’s strange that I’ve seen so many people just experience places and things through a screen.

Ancient Dogs

I stayed all day until just before it closed. And I briefly fell asleep on the train because I had walked SO much and it was so humid. When I got back to Napoli, I was tired and hungry, and stopped at the first restaurant walking back to my AirBnB, not realizing it was a vegan restaurant. I’m a little embarrassed to  admit to eating vegan in Italy, but even vegan Italian food is delicious. I did not take a photo of meal.

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