100 Days

100 Days

Hi friend, yes, I‘m here and alive. I hope you are safe and well too.

I have this problem when I put something off, and tomorrow turns into the next day, which is pushed into next week. And then it’s been three months. And then it’s a couple of years. This putting off may not be a specific problem that I have, but maybe just something people do. This pattern of delay.

This blog was initially started to document my time as I traveled. As time passed and all our worlds became smaller, writing about travel felt silly, especially when traveling meant staying within a five-mile radius of my home.

A specific demarcation of time begins in mid-March of 2020, and then the last two and a half years feel mushy at best. There are moments of significant events and things I remember. In the beginning, it felt like a cozy staycation. In those first couple of weeks, it rained. So staying home wasn’t hard. We turned on the tv and stayed warm by the fire. And I thought this isn’t too bad. I made a list of everything we watched those first few months. And then stopped because anything watched was a way to self-soothe and cope with the outside world.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve dipped in and out of this writing group called The London Writers Salon. As we hurl towards this last part of the year, a challenge the LWS has set up is to write for the next 100 days*. Set a goal to accomplish and write. And as this site renewed again, I decided maybe I should do something with this little blog. So I aim to publish a blog post once a week for the next 100 days, which is 14 weeks. 14 posts.

Originally my goal when starting this post was to cram in everything that has happened in the last two years, which is just so much. And as we’re all still processing the impact of the previous 2 years, I can take the next 14 weeks and slowly take my time. I’ll talk to you in a week.

*It was 100 days as of September 23rd.

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