I Choose Choux

Hi friend,It's finally starting to feel like fall in Los Angeles; we're only a month behind. Mornings are crispy, and the squirrels are slowly nibbling away at our pumpkins on the front porch, which has never been an issue before. I blame the drought. After living in the sweltering heat for so long, I can... Continue Reading →

Christmas Traditions

Hey, Merry Christmas, it's the last day of December, I think I can say that.  The last week has been a blur of eating, driving, parties, cooking, and whatever else happens leading up to Christmas Day. And while I inhale my hundredth Christmas cookie, and recycle this plaid ribbon, the week between Christmas and New Year's... Continue Reading →

I hit the wall of done

I'm home, or more specifically Los Angeles. I've been home for a week and while I was going to continue in chronological order of my trip, I'm in a completely different headspace now, to be summarizing what I did. I will have a followup post of all the places visited and things that happened. Soon.... Continue Reading →

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